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Meet The Team - Ryan Parker - Creative Director

by Ricardo Aviles |

What does the creative director do?

Building the brand and creating a brand strategy. I Make sure the brand is consistent with everything that we put out. A good brand should not only look good but make you feel something. That is something that I strive for with everything we create.

What you love most about working at O & S?

I love seeing something created from nothing. Theres a ton of freedom here with my creativity. It's a cool thing to be a part of a team that works really hard for people that work hard.


What do you do to stay active?

I love going to the gym and lifting and occasionally I like going to HITT classes. I also do yoga 3 times a week. Oh! And I am planning on starting kickboxing up soon!


Which O & S design are you most proud of?

Thats a hard question but If I had to choose it would be The Essential L/S and The Essential S/S. But for casual outfits I like the classic curve L/S.


Where do you get design inspiration?

I know this sounds really cheesy but overall I get my inspiration from life. I find beauty in a lot of random things from walking down the street and seeing cool shadows or working from my favorite coffee shop and admiring the design of the place. Also I really love sites like Dribbble and good old fashion Pinterest.